Dino Valley

ABOUT Dino Valley

Dinosaurs have been spotted in Islamabad!!!
The Dino Valley is a time-travel experience that takes visitors back to the era of the dinosaurs! Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the hills, it is the perfect entertainment venue for families in the twin cities. Featuring life-sized and realistic dinosaurs activated by motion sensors, themed games, and activities, and scrumptious food, Dino Valley is not only a unique amusement park in Islamabad but also one of a kind in all of Pakistan.

Services We Offer

Amusement Theme Park

Exceptional Food

Outstanding Birthday Venue

School Trips

3D Dinosaur Valley Tour

Rides in Dino Valley

Indoor Play Area

Kiddy Ride

Dinosaur Rides

Flying Dino

Drop Down Tower

Pirate Ship

Dodgem Cars


King Kong Ride

Tea Cup Ride

Joint Wheel

Car Ride



12D Motion Ride

Dino Land

Talking Tree

Outdoor Play Area